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Napkins to Promote your Business

January 31st, 2010
There are many items today that are especially used in promoting and advertising a business. They can be decorative or useful items that can help in endorsing your company to more people. These items can be business gifts, advertising specialties, awards, commemorative, apparels, prizes, etc. They will have the imprint message, brand name, or logo of your company that can be personalized according to your business’ needs. Even napkins can help you promote your business.


At, many napkins are available for customization to meet your company’s needs. From the nicely colored ones, to the simple white napkins, are available in high quality yet in very low prices. They can be very helpful in promoting your business and attract many potential customers too. These napkins are very usable, biodegradable, and recyclable too. They are made of recycled fiber that features s full 3 ply material that can be folded into 5”5”. They are great in promoting your business in different events.
So, place your order now and continue promoting your business.

Promotional Gift Items: Glass Mugs or Wine Goblets

January 30th, 2010


Promotional gift items are what business companies needs today in order to promote their business to more prospective customers. There are many of these products at which are high in quality yet very affordable. For example, you may want to promote your business by giving out lovely glass mugs or classy wine goblets to your long-time customers as well as to the new ones. has these items from the most popular 13oz glass thumbprint mugs that feature a nice handle grip with a thumbprint design in its handle to its bigger size, 25oz Glass Beer Mugs. They can carry well your company’s name, brand, or logo. Furthermore, they can be very usable to many people, thus, the more your company can be visible to more people.
This can be a good investment and excellent advertisement of your business. Aside from glass mugs or wine goblets, there are also many varieties of promotional products available at Just choose what your company likes and start promoting your business today.
Place an order now and start creating a good relationship to your customers.

Red Heart Stress Reliever

January 30th, 2010

Under the Stress Reliever, you only have one choice – the Red Heart Stress Reliever. This product is a squeezer where you can have your messages imprinted. The red heart is also available in different sizes and shapes. With the gel filling, the classic foam is really great to hold and squeeze. Each item costs $1.55 and if you order 125 pieces it will only cost you $263.75 which already includes the setup charge of $25 and the $45 screen charge. The item can be a great Valentines Day gift since it’s quite affordable.

This is also a great gift for special occasions like promotions. The item can be kept in the office so that during stressful situations in the office, your employees can simply hug or squeeze it and find relief. Order the item from; place your orders now so that you can already have the company logo imprinted on the heart-shaped stress reliever.

Promote your Business through Key Tags

January 29th, 2010

If you want to grow your business more this year, you may want to promote it by giving out items or products that your customers may be able to use. For example, you may give them key tags for their house or car keys. Purchasing products that are high in quality is great because the longer their lifespan, the longer you can advertise your products or services. Keep in mind that not all promotional items have the same quality, thus, purchasing a bit expensive, better quality products are definitely an excellent business investment for you.

So, the offers wide varieties of promotional products. You can find high quality yet less expensive products from bags, calendars, fun items, glass, mugs, key tags, and many more. Yes, they have these popular economy soft key tags which are classic in style with multiple colors and shapes. These types of key tags are soft and flexible that is perfect for carrying your company’s name, brand, or logo. Furthermore, they can be customized to meet your specific needs.


Executive Desk and Pocket Planners

January 29th, 2010

Under the Executive Desk and Pocket Planners, there are many choices. These items are great as promotional items especially for executives or top level management.

· For the pocket planners, you can get the Monthly 1 Color Pocket Planner Calendars, Monthly 2 Color Pocket Planner Calendars, Monthly Spanish Pocket Planners Calendars, and the Weekly 1 Color Pocket Planner Calendars.
· The Economy Full Size Promotional Executive Desk Planner is great instead of getting very expensive planners.  The imprint is usually white (as suggested) and has a black vinyl frame. The planner can also have the logo of the company. With the general margins and spaces on the dates, you can easily scribble important matters and occasions. This is great for financial consultants, brokers, and insurance agents.

Desk and pocket planners are must-haves for executives and other key personnel. You can use these items for special gifts and make sure that you have the company logo imprinted as well.

Promotional Magnets

January 27th, 2010

Magnets include calendar products for 2010. The calendars are available in small, medium, and large sizes with various designs.

· Economy 2010 Mil Small Calendar Magnet – the calendar is available in different themes like scenic landscape, American patriotic, and Holiday. You can display this for the entire year and it’s a great promotional item with its small size. The calendars are only $0.90 each.
· The Economy 2010 Mil Medium Calendar Magnet is only $1.19 each and with its medium size, you can display it at home or in the office. Just like the small magnet calendar, you can also choose among the three themes available.
· The Economy 2010 Mil Large Calendar Magnet is the most visible of all and costs only $1.48 each. By ordering 15o pieces, you will pay only $222 without the screen or setup charge.

Calendars are important so that employees can keep track of the important dates.


January 27th, 2010

Under the Glassware/ceramics category, you have many choices like miniatures and shot glasses, glass mugs, and Stemware.

· Under the miniature and shot glasses, you have the Personalized Party 1-1/2 oz Baseball Shot Glass, Football Shot Glass, Golf Shot Glass, Flare Shooter Shot Glass, Mini Pilsner Shooter Shot Glass, and Tapered 1-3/4 oz Shot Glass. Depending on the sport that your employees love, you can give the right shot glass with a good design.
· In Stemware, you can get the 10 oz Citation Wine Glass Goblet, 10 oz Napa Wine Glass Goblet, 6 oz Napa Champagne Flute, 6-1/4 oz Citation Champagne Flute, 8 oz Citation Wine Glass Goblet, and the 8 oz Napa Wine Glass Goblet.
· The Glass Mugs are available in a wide range of choices. You can get frosted mugs and clear mugs in various shapes, sizes, and designs.

Most of the products are affordably priced and can serve as the perfect promotional gifts to employees.

Promotional Pens

January 26th, 2010

Pens are used everyday at work and if employers are quite practical, you can consider getting pens as promotional items. At, you can choose among the wide range of pen products that you can personalize by imprinting your company name and logo on the pen’s casing. Here are the bestsellers:

· Central Rubber Clip Pen is easy to hold and lightweight. The ballpoint is versatile and of good quality. It has a solid plunger, multicolored case, and rounded body. This is a favorite item of many employees.
· The Angel Deluxe Twister Pen is made in the US and is a classy pen with gold trim clips and smooth lines. It also has a smooth flowing ink and matte finish.
· Spruce Swirl Clip Pen is a new twist in the world of pens with its solid grip, lightweight, and matte finish design.

Since pens are a necessity in the office, it’s a great investment and promotional gift.

Products for Fun activities

January 26th, 2010

Employers that organize fun activities for their employees can consider the fun items like the Frisbee, flyswatter, and the container tube.

· 9” Frizbee Flyer is a great gift for those who love the beach. You can have the logo imprinted in the Frizbee and you can get it in a variety of colors like yellow, blue, white, red, black, translucent colors, and neon colors. Each item costs only $1.06 and is quite affordable.
· The Giant 16” Flyswatter is great for home use. Your employees will surely remember you whenever they use the giant flyswatter at home or while their sipping their favorite drinks on the patio of their homes. Each flyswatter is only $0.84.
· Do you love to spend a lot of time in the water? Well, the Floating Round Container Tube can hold your keys and even your cash without getting them wet. It can also be used as a first aid container or a sunscreen kit.

Economy Soft Key Tags

January 25th, 2010

For employers who are in the auto industry or perhaps those whose employees are also car owners, you can get the Economy Soft Key Tags. The split ring is 1” to 1.5”. The key tags can also be obtained together with a wrist coil and side printing. The tags come in different colors and sizes. Colors include granite black, red, white, green, blue, and in translucent colors. The shapes can be rounded rectangle, saddle/teardrop, heart, house, small round, stop sign, telephone, t-shirt, and large/medium round.  The imprint areas can vary and this will depend on the requirements of the client.
Each of the tags cost $0.60 and so if you order 150 pieces it will only cost you $150 including the setup and screen charges. If you take advantage of the available options, the cost will still increase a bit. You can give the key tags to employees as gifts during special events or holidays.