Promotional Magnets

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Magnets include calendar products for 2010. The calendars are available in small, medium, and large sizes with various designs.

· Economy 2010 Mil Small Calendar Magnet – the calendar is available in different themes like scenic landscape, American patriotic, and Holiday. You can display this for the entire year and it’s a great promotional item with its small size. The calendars are only $0.90 each.
· The Economy 2010 Mil Medium Calendar Magnet is only $1.19 each and with its medium size, you can display it at home or in the office. Just like the small magnet calendar, you can also choose among the three themes available.
· The Economy 2010 Mil Large Calendar Magnet is the most visible of all and costs only $1.48 each. By ordering 15o pieces, you will pay only $222 without the screen or setup charge.

Calendars are important so that employees can keep track of the important dates.


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