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A Must when Advertising using Promotional Products at your Trade Show

March 31st, 2010

Customized promotional products can really make a huge impact when it comes to producing great buzz for your business. After all, the purpose of a trade show is to ensure that people will be leaving the event with your company in their minds. It is best if your company will offer something unique, much better than your competitors. In this way, there will be something that they would talk about with their friends or acquaintances.
There are many different unique items which can be considered promotional products. They can be customized according to your company’s requirements, but it is really a great idea to choose the items or products that will most effectively get trade show attendees or guests sharing and talking. Usable and unique promotional products from apparel to fun items are excellent tools for producing buzz at trade shows.
Make sure to purchase products which will put your company name in highlights. Other great items that you may want to give to people are durable key chains, stress reliever items, elegant planners, fun Frisbee flyers, cool sunglasses, delightful beach balls, golf items, and much more. All of these are fun novelties which can definitely create much buzz for your business. Just try to be very creative and think of promotional giveaway items that your competitors may not think of or consider giving.
If you consider safety as your main priority, consider checking personalized giveaway kits. You can print your logo or brand name on personal safety, road safety, and first aid kits to relate your brand with safety and good health. Those safety kits may not be as fun and exciting as other promotional products, however they can also be very effective in advertising a business especially if you are the only one giving them at the trade show.
All promotional products are great. It really depends on the suitability of your chosen items in marketing the product or service that your company is offering. If you have chosen the most appropriate product, then the result is far better than just choosing at random and without a plan. All you need is to put some extra thought in the process and create an idea that is really fun and extraordinary. Well, obviously, do not purchase any products that are offensive, but the main key is to maintain an edge over your many competitors by buying  promotional giveaway items which will definitely inspire and motivate people to notice and stop at your kiosk. It is really very simple and easy.
Promotional giveaway items are great tools for increasing the visibility and effectively marketing or advertising your business. Whether your business is big or small, promotional items will significantly increase your company revenues. This is a great investment that will definitely produce great results too. Keep in mind that the future of your business depends on how good your marketing strategy is.

Most Popular Promotional Items to Include at Trade Show

March 30th, 2010

There are several very popular promotional giveaway items about which customers will keep on talking. Remember that in one second your company may get lost and go unnoticed at trade shows as well as conventions. Why? It is because there are lots of companies offering great giveaway items that are more noticeable than yours. So, to prevent this situation, your company must provide the attendees with something special and unique. You may want people to remember your company for a very long time.
One excellent promotional item is the calculator. Cool personalized calculators help customers relate your business to earning and making money. Definitely, your calculators will help you all the way. With your personalized calculators lying on their desks, your customers can be reminded about your business.
Another very popular item is the stress reliever.   People everywhere are experiencing stress, so giving them something that can relieve their stress is a sure and effective medicine for them. You can be certain that each time they use your stress reliever they are also seeing your brand. In this way, you can absolutely be sure about the visibility of your chosen promotional item.
Next are bottles or mugs. More and more people are choosing this type of promotional product because customers love to drink while they work (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc.) or play (cold beverages). Furthermore, these items are very handy at the office and home. You can take your own drink wherever you go.
Another one is the cool magnetMany businesses choose magnets as their promotional product of choice. They are very economical, especially for small businesses. Customers will enjoy putting these magnets on their refrigerators. Then, every time they get food from the refrigerator, they can see your brand.
Tote bags are also excellent giveaway items at trade shows. These bags can display your logo very well because of the size of the printing area. Customers may also carry this item anywhere and everywhere they go. These are also very useful even after the convention or trade show is over.
In addition to the mentioned above promotional items, t-shirts are also great.  T-shirts can cost much more than magnets or key chains but they are still one of the best promotional items to be given away. T-shirts can offer increased exposure of your business because when they are worn people can see clearly your brand wherever the person goes. There are also environment friendly items such as recycled bike bottles, eco non-woven bags, sunglasses, and more. Just be sure that you have chosen high quality items for greater results.
Promotional items are a great way to get connected with your customers and also potential customers. You must take advantage of this method and use the most suitable promotional items that will be sure to get noticed. Marketing a business is not that difficult if you know what to do. This will make you and your business successful in the future.


March 29th, 2010


You can see that almost all home refrigerators have magnets of different designs and shapes placed on the door. Favorite menus or frequently used phone numbers are posted on the fridge with a magnet for quick reference. Also, important events or scheduled appointments may be put here in order not to forget. Furthermore, even those bills that are due soon will reside on the refrigerator door.

So, it is a good idea for businesses to adopt promotional products, such as magnets, to ensure that their company is visible to their customers all the time. Promotional products at include the Economy 20 Mil Medium 2010 Calendar Magnet. This item displays your company name and/or logo very nicely above the actual calendar, while also providing the date information for easy viewing right on the fridge. In this way, your company’s name, brand, or logo is available whenever your customers need your product or service, they can easily find information like your contact number.

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Small Fold over Card Case with 1 or 2 Clear Pockets

March 28th, 2010

In order to reap the maximum benefit that your business can get out of advertisements, it is now recommended to offer a free gift item (called promotional products) to your customers. Promotional products are far better than other types of advertising since the benefits are very effective, long lasting, and also far reaching. They are also exciting and personal. In today’s highly competitive market, the best method to use must be the highly effective one instead of the usual and most common ones.

Even though you will invest more, the benefits come in the form or inquiries, as well as many new sales. The staff at ensures that you get the most effective and suitable promotional product for your type of business. For example, you can order the small fold over card case with 1 or 2 clear pockets. Card cases are very useful to many people even to homemakers. Thus, they can be a very good promotional product. Please check  out this product here.

Rounded Rectangle Soft Key Tag

March 27th, 2010

Who doesn’t carry keys these days? Everyone typically has a set of keys for work, house keys and maybe a special key for scanning at the gym or those handy little credit cards to swipe. All of these are extremely valuable and very important that they are never lost. It is best to keep them all together on one ring. People can use key tags to know easily where that certain key is used. When choosing a promotional product to advertise your company, the Rounded Rectangle Soft Key tag is an extremely good choice due to the usefulness and popularity with customers. Your business name and logo can be seen all the time when you provide a customized key tag to all your customers.
At, you can find a variety of key tags. There are hard key tags and soft key tags with different unique and lovely colors and shapes. This item is such a popular choice because soft key tags are very durable and unbreakable. They can fit in any pockets, purse, wallets, and bags.
So, what are you waiting for? Get a very good result by using this item as your company’s promotional item today. Order now!

2-3/4″ Red Heart Stress Reliever

March 26th, 2010

Most people can have stress and not even realize it. This day in age, it seems everyone is coping with daily stress. Stress can cause a person to become short tempered, have headaches or even overeat. Stress clearly had a direct effect on one’s health. The 2-3/4 red heart stress reliever at can help to alleviate some of these problems, while also promoting your business. This item can be readily available at your desk, in your car or in your bag.
Due to the health benefits and the convenience of carrying this item, it is a definite winner with anyone who experiences in the slightest amount of stress.  Your company’s name, logo or slogan will be printed right in the center and will display very visibly in order to successfully market your business. You can help stressed out people and in return convert them into customers who will purchase or buy your products or use the services you are offering. What a great way to obtain sales! Check this item here!

Raised Letter License Plate Frame

March 25th, 2010

The vehicle license plate, or registration plate, or tag, or number plate is plastic or metal which is attached to any vehicle (cars, motorcycles, trailers, etc) for the purpose of official identification. Usually, this is a numeric or alphanumeric code which identifies a vehicle within the database of the issuing region. It is very important to take good care and protect your vehicle’s license plate, thus raised letter license plate frame can be used for this purpose. So, with many people who using cars today, this is an excellent choice for promotional products or advertising giveaways.
So, if you want to purchase a good quality promotional product for your company to help you in your marketing strategy then can definitely help you to obtain this item. This is made from high quality materials that can last longer, thus definitely a valuable investment for your business today. Check this item right here!

Monthly 2 Color 2010 Pocket Planner Calendar with Full Color Custom Digital Cover

March 24th, 2010

Never miss a date again! This Monthly 2 Color 2010 Pocket Planner Calendar with Full Color Custom Digital Cover at will be your guide all throughout the year.  Many people tend to forget things and one thing they usually forget is their schedule of commitments. So, they need something to remind them and plan their meetings, dates, even their entire schedules. Pocket planners are great way to note their schedule for the day, for the coming week, or the month. They can easily note the things they need to do in order not to miss a single important task that they need to finish. Business leaders and employees need planners for their meetings schedule, deadlines for work, etc. So, it is such a popular souvenir, promotional product, or giveaway item for many businesses out there.
Place your order now for your business promotion this year and in return get as many thankful customers and potential customers too!

Jumbo Fold over Card Case with 2 Clear Pockets

March 23rd, 2010

Different cards such as business cards, credit cards, ATM cards, etc must also be kept safely in once place and easily accessible. This is why one of the most popular items is card cases. This item can keep all your cards in one place in your wallet or bags, at home, or in the office. Additionally, this case uses transparent plastic for convenience. Customers will definitely remember a company that distributed such a nice and useful promotional product, while customers who merely read about a company in a newspaper or magazine advertisement would have already forgotten what was read. This is why promotional products are now a more effective advertisement strategy.
At there are jumbo fold over card cases with two clear pockets that is ideal for this promotion. It is very important to save contact information of potential clients or even vendors that you use. This item would be a successful choice in promoting your business, so order it now!

Gildan White Heavyweight Tee Shirt with Imprint 

March 22nd, 2010

T-shirt or tee shirt is a type of shirt that is pulled over in your head to be able to cover most of a person’s body. T-shirts are usually collarless, button-less, as well as pocket-less with a short sleeves and a round neck. The t-shirt’s sleeves are usually extended to slightly cover the shoulder but not up to the elbow. T-shirts are such cool gifts, giveaway items, and especially promotional items of many companies today. People can wear nice shirts outside their home so other people can surely see it. With your company name, logo, brand, or slogan imprinted on it, you can be sure that your company is visible to many people. has this amazing Gildan White Heavyweight Tee Shirt with Imprint that is perfect for your customers.
So, place your order now and get this affordable, yet high quality t-shirts that can promote your company successfully.