Disposable Bottles vs. Sport Water Bottles

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Along with the change in lifestyle of people today is the emergence of products and technologies that are intended to make things faster and convenient for everyone. This holds true for the machines we use at work, the advancement in transportation and communication and even for the food we eat and beverages we drink. How is that? Well, we know water is one necessity for the human body. We can’t live without it for more than a few days. Recognizing this necessity, a number of companies came out with a product that enables anyone to carry water around with them anytime and anywhere. The product is water, and other beverages, that come in disposable bottles. Until now its benefits are still felt for reasons of convenience and ease in management. The question that is pressing us today however is whether or not it is safe for our health and whether it is practical.

Water that comes in disposable bottles does not cost much if you look at it on a per purchase basis. If you tally the expenses however, you will see that the amount is considerable, especially when you consider that you will naturally throw the bottles away after you have consumed the water. It is not safe to refill it and carry it around with you, because certain chemicals might already contaminate it. Besides, the materials of which the disposable bottles are made are not likely to last over time. The bottles crumble with even the slightest force. As soon as the water is all used up, the bottle goes with it. So if you use bottled waters on a daily basis, you can just imagine its effect on your budget.

Besides being expensive, studies have also shown that bottled waters cause different kinds of cancer. While it refreshes the body and quenches the thirst, the water is affected by the chemical contents in the bottle which is harmful. The effects come only after a long time so, by then, it will be too late to reverse them. It’s about time, therefore, for one who is into disposable bottled waters to make a healthy switch to using sport water bottles. Like the disposable ones, these are also very handy and convenient to carry around. They can be filled and refilled on a daily basis without incurring harmful effects to the body.

If you are lucky enough to get one good quality sport water bottle, you will not need to buy another again. Bottles of this kind that are made of durable materials are likely to stay in good condition even after years of use. You can find the bottles in most stores at incredibly low prices compared to settling for disposable ones every time you feel thirsty. Amazing technologies are now being used in designing sport water bottles and you just can’t help but be amazed. If you can’t find the time to go to stores and find the perfect one for you, you can also order them online and have it delivered in no time. Go make that healthy choice.


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