Sport Bottles for Giveaways

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When you are holding a big celebration like a party or an anniversary you always want to give souvenirs that are unique and useful. Surely, you can find a lot of them but only a few are known to be unique and useful at the same time. If you want for your souvenirs to be the talk of the town, why not try sport bottles that have a printed design of your choice? You will not just give your loved ones or your friends a unique giveaway but you are also giving them a useful product.
The use of sport bottles these days are not only for players of basketball, baseball, biking or boxing but it is also a handy bottle to bring along with you wherever you are. So, even an ordinary individual will surely appreciate its amazing benefit. The design of the sport bottles varies from its size, colors and the printed design.
The importance of having a sport bottle nowadays is already becoming popular especially during the summer season. It is the most convenient way to replenish and keep you safe from dehydration. Since most of the sport bottles are made from plastic you can easily bring it along with you wherever you are without worrying the water might spill in your bag. Just always make sure to replace the cover when you open it to avoid from spilling. There are two very common types of sport bottle; the first one has a lid with a push/pull cap that is attached to a straw and the other does not have a straw.
If you decide to give sport bottles as your giveaways there are a few reminders that you must keep in mind. The first is to choose the size of the bottle; you can choose a small size that can fill in 10oz of water or you can order the large one that can acquire 32oz of liquid. When you have finalized the size that you want to purchase, you will then have to choose the printed design that will be added to your bottle. You will be presented with various designs but you can also provide your own design. To make it more exciting you can include the name or the initials of the individual to whom you are going to give it or a logo of his favorite team. You can also add on it letters, numbers or even the logo of your company. After you have made a decision what printed design your bottle will have, you will be asked if you want your bottle to have a straw or none. These simple but very important details must be given accurately so that the result will be based on what you want it to look like.
With the benefits that sport bottles provide, it would be a perfect giveaway. It will give your loved ones, friends or even your employees a smile that is priceless. The price of the sport bottle will depend on how many you purchase; the more you purchase the more discounts you’ll get.


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