Beer Mug Materials: Which One Works Well

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Beer mugs are among the things that we usually use at home. We also use them when meeting with people, the topic of discussion ranging from the most important down to the most mundane. Because of this, it is important that we make sure that not only are the beer mugs attractive, but that it is also durable and will be used for a longer period of time. Here, the material of which the beer mugs are made plays an important role.  Through the years, different items have been used by manufacturers in coming out with their very own versions of mugs. The idea is no longer limited to glass because research and studies have yielded so many flexible, durable and beautiful pieces that are made possible by the many manufacturers.
Ceramic is the first material that was used in the ancient beer mugs. They are the traditional looking pieces we use still today. What’s good about it is that it looks really elegant and versatile. It is easy to mold and is capable of various arts and designs. The beer mugs that were first used had elaborate details in them and people remarked that beer really tasted good in those mugs. They usually come with covers which make the piece a little heavier but more functional. After the domination of ceramics in the beer mug business, the one that followed next is glass. Like ceramics, this one is prone to breaking too but it is unbeatable in terms of flexibility and functionality. Our common notion of beer mugs are in fact the clear and glass ones which always looked clean and emphasized the color and sparkle of the beer.
In recent years, plastic became the in thing. What’s good about it is that it is very light in weight and very durable. Unlike those that are made of ceramics and glass, those of plastic do not easily break. Different designs and accessories have also been devised in order to make the material more presentable and fun. We now commonly see plastic beer mugs with printed designs of every imaginable character.  Besides this, plastic is also easy to craft, clean and maintain. Better yet, plastic is a lot cheaper than other materials, helping customers save money without sacrificing the quality that they deserve.
Stainless steel is also commonly used for beer mugs today. Like plastic, this one also does not deteriorate or break easily, or not at all. It is very durable and can last you for years. Beer mugs made of this material are also more portable so one can have it with him wherever he goes. Sterilizing these mugs is also a lot easier so it is much safer, especially for those who have sensitive body systems. Which one do you think is the best for you? Check it out in your favorite stores and see for yourself. Different versions of mugs that are made of these materials are available and for sure there will be something there for you.


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