Thanksgiving Office Gifts

November 11th, 2012 by admin Leave a reply »

If “company spirit” is an objective that you strive for as a business owner, then here are a few Thanksgiving ideas for giving your employees a sense of pride in their workplace:

- Company Pens. Consider ordering a personalized set of Javalina Pens, Alabama Pens, Spruce Pens or Basset Pens.

- Ceramic or Glass Office Mugs. A mug for morning tea or coffee becomes a source of positive
attachment, which is the emotion that want to cultivate when encouraging inter-office teamwork and a dedication to reaching company performance objectives.

- Card Cases. Business cards are still an international-recognized representation of your affiliation with a company. Card cases are quite useful and personalized card cases are quite impressive.

For this Thanksgiving, let your employees know that you are thankful for their contributions and proud to have them as representatives of your company. Office gifts with your company logo can be useful for employees and may also help to promote your company’s visibility.


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