Ice Scrapers- A Great Winter Promotional Item

December 12th, 2012 by admin Leave a reply »

For any business seeking to get the attention of potential consumers, corporate partners or employees, proper timing plays an important role in maximizing the utilitarian value and visibility of a giveaway.

For instance, during the winter time, an ice scraper is always a useful, reasonably-priced tool that people appreciate. When their cars get covered by snow, there are generally three options for people: 1. Pop the trunk of their car and hope that the giveaway ice scraper that they got from you is there. 2. Beg a neighbor for an ice scraper. 3. Use their gloved or un-gloved hands to brush away the accumulated snow on their windshields.

Simple, ubiquitous items like ice scrapers can sometimes be the perfect giveaways, because when they are needed, there are no good substitutes. And not having them can result in a significant loss of time. When considering promotional items, consider how the cold, wet months of January and February can be an opportunity to bring positive attention to your brand.


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