Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Valentine’s Day is more than just a day to say “I love you” to your significant other. It’s also an opportunity to send a special “Happy Valentine’s Day” to those who you want to remember you. Imagine the example of a Realtor who can count back 150 distinct clients over 15 years. Each of one of his/her clients represents an opportunity to increase the client retention ratio. Each client could become two additional transactions within a short period: a home sale and home purchase. They can also lead to referrals. Therefore, sending a memorable gift to a client on holidays is a great way to stay in the front of their minds and ensure that each client feels that there is a true relationship.

One great gift is a personalized logo mug with with a heartfelt letter included. Coffee mugs are very useful and along with a simple heartfelt letter, one can eclipse the nice but probably less effective season’s greeting card sent by other companies. A personalized coffee mug can be a more lasting reminder and may be less expensive that you realize. Promotional gifts have at least two major benefits: functionality and visibility. When you purchase a promotional coffee mug, your gift and the memory of your service can last longer.


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