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Ice Scrapers- A Great Winter Promotional Item

December 12th, 2012

For any business seeking to get the attention of potential consumers, corporate partners or employees, proper timing plays an important role in maximizing the utilitarian value and visibility of a giveaway.

For instance, during the winter time, an ice scraper is always a useful, reasonably-priced tool that people appreciate. When their cars get covered by snow, there are generally three options for people: 1. Pop the trunk of their car and hope that the giveaway ice scraper that they got from you is there. 2. Beg a neighbor for an ice scraper. 3. Use their gloved or un-gloved hands to brush away the accumulated snow on their windshields.

Simple, ubiquitous items like ice scrapers can sometimes be the perfect giveaways, because when they are needed, there are no good substitutes. And not having them can result in a significant loss of time. When considering promotional items, consider how the cold, wet months of January and February can be an opportunity to bring positive attention to your brand.

Rounded Rectangle Soft Key Tag

March 27th, 2010

Who doesn’t carry keys these days? Everyone typically has a set of keys for work, house keys and maybe a special key for scanning at the gym or those handy little credit cards to swipe. All of these are extremely valuable and very important that they are never lost. It is best to keep them all together on one ring. People can use key tags to know easily where that certain key is used. When choosing a promotional product to advertise your company, the Rounded Rectangle Soft Key tag is an extremely good choice due to the usefulness and popularity with customers. Your business name and logo can be seen all the time when you provide a customized key tag to all your customers.
At, you can find a variety of key tags. There are hard key tags and soft key tags with different unique and lovely colors and shapes. This item is such a popular choice because soft key tags are very durable and unbreakable. They can fit in any pockets, purse, wallets, and bags.
So, what are you waiting for? Get a very good result by using this item as your company’s promotional item today. Order now!

Raised Letter License Plate Frame

March 25th, 2010

The vehicle license plate, or registration plate, or tag, or number plate is plastic or metal which is attached to any vehicle (cars, motorcycles, trailers, etc) for the purpose of official identification. Usually, this is a numeric or alphanumeric code which identifies a vehicle within the database of the issuing region. It is very important to take good care and protect your vehicle’s license plate, thus raised letter license plate frame can be used for this purpose. So, with many people who using cars today, this is an excellent choice for promotional products or advertising giveaways.
So, if you want to purchase a good quality promotional product for your company to help you in your marketing strategy then can definitely help you to obtain this item. This is made from high quality materials that can last longer, thus definitely a valuable investment for your business today. Check this item right here!

Curved for Comfort Ice Scraper

March 5th, 2010

Be ready for winter! Ice scrapers are essential during the winter months. You never know when you will walk outside to find your car windshield covered with snow or ice. This Curved Comfy Ice Scraper not only keeps your windshield clean and clear, but it is also a great promotional product and for the marketing of your business. What an effective way to promote and advertise your business when you customize this item with your business name, logo or slogan. Customers will immediately put this ice scraper inside their cars in order to be prepared for that earliest winter storm.
This item is made from high quality materials that are durable and will last for many years to come. Curved Comfy Ice Scrapers are available online on our website for a very affordable price. The purpose of a promotional product is to get maximum exposure as long as possible. These ice scrapers will definitely get the job done.

Carabiner Flashlight

March 4th, 2010

Flashlights are very handy, especially at night or when there is a blackout. You can easily move and look for the things you need to find in the dark. Sometimes, flashlights can be used to locate small things that are somewhat hidden under things, inside your bag, or to look in very small spaces with no light, and many other purposes. If you have a business, as a promotional item or event giveaway, this item is a great choice. Recipients of your flashlights will be happy to receive such a useful item free of charge.
The staff at will help you achieve your goal of promoting your business without spending a fortune. Their carabiner flashlight is a very usable and durable item, as well as affordable.
So, place your order now and get the advantage of what this promotional item has to offer. This can be the key to the successful promotion for your business.

Economy Soft Key Tags

January 25th, 2010

For employers who are in the auto industry or perhaps those whose employees are also car owners, you can get the Economy Soft Key Tags. The split ring is 1” to 1.5”. The key tags can also be obtained together with a wrist coil and side printing. The tags come in different colors and sizes. Colors include granite black, red, white, green, blue, and in translucent colors. The shapes can be rounded rectangle, saddle/teardrop, heart, house, small round, stop sign, telephone, t-shirt, and large/medium round.  The imprint areas can vary and this will depend on the requirements of the client.
Each of the tags cost $0.60 and so if you order 150 pieces it will only cost you $150 including the setup and screen charges. If you take advantage of the available options, the cost will still increase a bit. You can give the key tags to employees as gifts during special events or holidays.