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The Advantages of Using Beer Mugs

May 13th, 2010

If you haven’t noticed it, mugs are always popular when it comes to drinking beer because it has greater advantages over other types of drinking glasses. Most beer drinkers prefer to drink it using beer mugs because of its size. Almost all mugs are manufactured with a huge size compared to an ordinary size drinking glass. You can find various sizes available such as 10oz, 17oz and even a 25oz.
The advantage of using a beer mug that has a large size is that it would be more convenient to use. Using it, you can pour more beer or another type of liquid into it, so you no longer have to spend your time looking for another bottle. This is very ideal to those who always conduct parties over at their home and, even if you don’t often conduct parties, it would still be nice to have at home a couple of extra beer mugs especially if you love to have a drink or two while enjoying your favorite TV show. You can also invite your friends to gather and talk with a couple of beers on the side.
Another useful advantage of beer mugs is that you can limit the amount of alcohol you drink. If you use a drinking glass you will not notice how many bottles you have consumed while if you use a beer mug you will always have control over the amount of beer you drink. Usually you can pour 1 to 2 bottles of beer into one but it will still depend on the size of the mug that you use.
You can choose from plastic, crystal glass or ceramic types of beer mugs. Though each type of mug may be made of different materials it still shares similar advantages over the other type of drinking glasses, especially when it comes to beer. The C handle of the mug will allow you to hold the mug firmly to avoid it from slipping especially if you are already tipsy or drunk. The handle is designed this way so that the user will have an easy grip on the mug which is important so that you can hold on tight to it. These are just a few advantages that you can have from purchasing a beer mug but once you try using it you will notice that it offers more.
In case you are thinking of a perfect gift to give your husband, boyfriend or your father, beer mugs will be an ideal choice. Even if they don’t really drink beer they can still use it when drinking water, juice and even coffee. If you want to make it more unique or add a personal touch you can always have it designed with your own choice of printed design.
Beer mugs may be an ordinary type of drinking glass for some but for those who love to drink alcohol it can be a precious item to keep. There are even some who collect them and use them as decorations in their home.

The Affordable but Unique Plastic Beer Mugs

May 12th, 2010

If you are looking for an affordable souvenir gift item for your company anniversary, plastic beer mugs can be a good choice. You might already have seen mugs at most of the parties or gatherings you have attended, but what you don’t know is it can be an ideal gift to your friends or giveaways on special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays.
Usually we will see ceramic or crystal glass mugs at parties because of its attractive design, but even the plastic beer mugs can also have unique designs. You can choose from the available translucent colors with a printed design that can be compared to the glass and ceramic mugs. The best thing about this kind of beer mug is that it costs much less than the ceramic or crystal glass mugs, but it still has a very attractive look. You can also keep it as part of your collection if you are collecting such items.
Though the material used for this kind of mug is plastic it would still make your party worth remembering. Aside from being affordable, the plastic beer mugs are more convenient to use. You won’t have to worry in case you drop it.
Plastic beer mugs are perfect souvenir items because aside from being an affordable product it is useful in being given, which is very ideal during special events. If you own a business it is important to think of ways to advertise it; there are hundreds of methods you can use to do this but you must think of the most unique way that will be remembered by your potential customers. A plastic beer mug will be a perfect choice in promoting your business or your company. Choose the right color and design that will represent your company in public. Since plastic mugs are more affordable you can order more items for more customers. You can even use it in special promos or just give it individually in malls or in public places.
If you are holding a huge party with lots of beer, the affordable plastic beer mug is the right one to use because you can purchase more of it, which is unlike the ceramic and crystal glass made mugs. With the available attractive colors as well as personalized printed designs it will surely make your event a memorable one. You can also choose from the various sizes available that range from 10oz to 22oz. The price of each plastic beer mugs will have to depend on the number of mugs that you purchase, for example if you are going to buy 5,000 pieces of beer mugs each will cost 0.55 dollars, but if you are going to purchase 100 pieces of it the closing price of each mug will be 1.25 dollars. However, though its cost may be cheaper it doesn’t mean that it has lower quality, because it uses a special type of plastic that is known as resin. The resin will be molded and once the mug is developed it will still undergo a lot of testing before it will be released to the market.

The Handy Use of Glass Beer Mugs

May 11th, 2010

If you are thinking of giving someone a unique and useful gift, the glass beer mug would be a perfect choice, especially if you are going to give it to someone who loves to relax and have a drink of beer at home. Beer mugs have been used for so many years anytime there’s a get together party or special gathering because of its wide size. Most beer lovers prefer to use this kind of glass when drinking beer because it can hold one or two bottles of beer, which is very convenient to use.
If you want to have a beer mug using your own design, this is also possible. You can put the logo of your favorite NBA team your name on it to make it more attractive. However, in case you don’t want a personalized mug you can always choose from the various designs available such as logos, sayings, animals, numbers and many more. The C handle of the glass beer mugs will allow you to hold onto the glass easily and avoid it from slipping. The glass used for this kind of mug is thick so that it will not easily break if you accidentally drop it.
Most beer mugs are used during the celebration of Octoberfest wherein all those who love to drink gather at this event to enjoy and celebrate it with beers and foods. This month long event is usually being held in several countries all over the world, which is being sponsored by well-known beer companies.
Aside from giving it as a gift, glass beer mugs can also be a great idea for giveaways during special occasions. You can request to use your own design printed on the mug to make it more personalized. You must provide your own detailed designs so that the result will be according to what you want it to be. Usually the size of the print will depend on what you want it to be but there are also those that have set a standard when it comes to the size of the design as well as the mug. The price of the mug will also depend on the number of mugs you want to purchase. f There are various sizes available in which you can fill a glass beer mug with 10 to 21 oz of beer.
With specially made glass beer mugs, your giveaways will surely be the best gift that you can give to your friends and loved ones. Just imagine the look on their faces when they open your gift. Aside from a gift idea, it could also be perfect in your home especially if you love to have parties and if you are used to inviting your friends to come over and have a glass of beer.

Promotional Travel Mug

April 29th, 2010

Have you just started a new business and are you trying to think of a new and unique idea with which to target your audience? One of the most effective ways you can do this is to give away promotional items. The promotional travel mug is one good item to use for a corporate giveaway. You can have your business logo and contact information right on the mugs so that once your potential customers use it for their own purpose, they will remember you and have you first in their minds instead of your competitors. The promotional travel mug is a very convenient item since people won’t be irritated to bring it along with them wherever they may go. Just make sure that you have strategically placed your company logo and pertinent information straight and direct on the item in clear graphic designs and fonts. It must be legible so that it will have a subliminal effect on the user.

Promotional Mug

April 27th, 2010

A promotional mug can be one of the most perfect promotional materials you can get on the market.  The reason for this is that it will help you promote your business in two different ways.  First of all, you can get simple yet powerful promotional words on these mugs:  your brand.  You can simply get service providers to print your brand there and get clients to remember your brand well.  In this way, they will remember your brand’s name once they need something from your particular product line or business.  The next option is that you can get your event’s title or theme printed out on it together with your brand.  This is for the reason that they should be able to read things about your event as well as your brand name.  A promotional mug will help them remember your event and may be enthusiastic to join in on your next event, especially if it is of their interest.

Promotional Coffee Mugs

April 26th, 2010

Products used for promotional purposes, such as promotional coffee mugs, give the enhancement that each business needs by letting the world know what their business represents. The name and logo of the business is the most forthright and first indicator of what message the business is trying to get across to everyone. Thousands of dollars are spent by almost every business just for a business logo that will look attractive due to the affirmed visual alliance that transpires between the company branding and its logo. A coffee mug is a thing that cannot easily be forgotten for it is not just an item you can call your own, but it has also taken the role of a canvas for each label, symbol, and picture that could possibly bring in benefits to the users.  Coffee mugs are products that are most popular when it comes to promotions for they are personal. Promotional coffee mugs can make your business easily identifiable.

Promotional Coffee Mug

April 25th, 2010

Various promotional items, like the promotional coffee mug, are great marketing tools to improve the overall standing of your company’s level of exposure. It is also considered as not just a unique way of spreading news about your business, but also as a very cost efficient way. Many other businesses disregard the power that a simple promotional coffee mug can have over your business’ advertising and instead spend lots of money on the luxurious marketing and advertising strategies that other companies offer. With these mugs, you would simply need to make a design that integrates into the mug your company logo and information so that the user of the mug will always remember your business and exactly what you are offering. Such mugs can be bought in cheap wholesale bulk so that you can be able to give away items in large numbers. Printing your company logo also won’t cost you much, since your own in-house graphic designer can already do this.

Promotional Beer Mugs

April 24th, 2010

Promotional beer mugs are most prominent during the month of October, particularly in commemoration of the annual Octoberfest. It is a huge event centered on beer celebrated, not just in Germany, but in places all over the globe. These promotional beer mugs are not merely used for the promotional and marketing campaigns of the companies involved, but also serve as unique and useful party favors. It can also work well as interesting corporate giveaways to employees during company parties. With these promotional mugs, you can be assured that you will be remembered absolutely. Not just for the quality of your company’s product or service, but also for being such an effective events planner. Through the promotional mugs, there is a great tendency among people to think of your company as a group who cares for their customers and up-to-date with the latest trends and social gatherings around the world that are worth celebrating.

Printed Mugs

April 23rd, 2010

Printed mugs can be the gift that your loved ones receive from you. The mugs have a touch from you that will give the person receiving a feeling that you’ve exerted effort with the gift you’ve chosen to give them and not just easily picked out like other presents that fulfill a sense of regularity. These printed mugs can show your loved ones how special they are to you by adding your own touch.  These mugs will make them feel that they are a part of you by creating the right impact from the gift. They are now the best choice of gift for your loved ones. There are shapes and styles that you may decide on as well as the design by your own requirement or preference. There are a number of printed mugs that you may see at the main suppliers’ shops that you can be guaranteed will be appreciated by your loved ones.

Plastic Beer Mug

April 23rd, 2010

If you have your own business, it’s important for you to know that you have to do proper promotion in order to get clients.  However, you can also be on the lookout for the best and cheapest business promotional options that you can find on the market.  Among the cheapest that you can find is a plastic beer mug that you can easily distribute to social events that you have planned and organized.  As a business owner, you may hold a number of events like drinking parties when opening your business.  At these parties, you can give away a plastic beer mug with your business’ brand on it as a token of appreciation for people who have attended the event.  With this, you can easily promote your business name and get it circulated among many people.  And besides, there are already lots of cheap printing services that will help you get your business promoted at the cheapest price possible.