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Colored Dinner Napkin

March 3rd, 2010

Parties. Events. Gatherings. Whenever there are a lot of people and food is involved, napkins are required. Napkins can be used in numerous ways, such in a place setting, for finger foods or as a beverage napkin. But ultimately the napkin serves the same purpose, to keep the hands clean and dry. As you can see, napkins are very important for that company party or business function. It is also important that napkins be disposable and recyclable. In addition to the obvious benefits of using these colored dinner napkins, they can also deliver your personalized message to everyone. This item can be customized with your company name, logo or message, in order to successful promote your business.
There is a great variety of dinner napkins available at in many vivid colors. These colored dinner napkins are 100% biodegradable. So, order now and make your company event truly a memorable one.

12 oz Clear Plastic Pilsner Glass

February 26th, 2010

Promotional items aim to attract the attention of potential customers and to keep existing customers coming back. In this way, businesses can increase their sales, introduce new products or services offered, and also stimulate the interest of many people in order to convert them to become customers. It can be very hard for a business, especially smaller ones, to remain highly visible to many consumers without the use of promotional products unless you have the budget to spend on more expensive advertising. One such product is the 12 oz clear plastic pilsner glass available at The plastic pilsner glass is truly a great item for use as a promotional product, as it can be customized with your logo and is highly visible at any company function. This plastic pilsner has a sophisticated design in order to professionally represent your business’s name, logo, brand, or slogan.
Order your promotional products for the coming year now, so you can begin to earn more today.

Napkins to Promote your Business

January 31st, 2010
There are many items today that are especially used in promoting and advertising a business. They can be decorative or useful items that can help in endorsing your company to more people. These items can be business gifts, advertising specialties, awards, commemorative, apparels, prizes, etc. They will have the imprint message, brand name, or logo of your company that can be personalized according to your business’ needs. Even napkins can help you promote your business.


At, many napkins are available for customization to meet your company’s needs. From the nicely colored ones, to the simple white napkins, are available in high quality yet in very low prices. They can be very helpful in promoting your business and attract many potential customers too. These napkins are very usable, biodegradable, and recyclable too. They are made of recycled fiber that features s full 3 ply material that can be folded into 5”5”. They are great in promoting your business in different events.
So, place your order now and continue promoting your business.

White Beverage Napkin

January 24th, 2010

Under Napkins, you can get the White Beverage Napkin which costs only $0.48 each. Aside from white, you can also get the napkins in nine other colors. The good thing about this napkin is that it is made of 20% recycled fiber and is biodegradable. The napkin material is full three ply and folds to 5” x 5”. The product is made in the US and it can be printed with your company logo. The imprint area is 3×3 inches for each side but for the napkin, imprint is usually done in one side only. For every 100 pieces of the napkin, you will only pay $108 and it already includes the screen charge and the setup charge. This is already a great deal especially to small business owners. Since the napkins are affordably priced, the items are non-taxable. One package can already cover 100 employees and it’s an excellent promotional item that can be used during parties.