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Small Fold over Card Case with 1 or 2 Clear Pockets

March 28th, 2010

In order to reap the maximum benefit that your business can get out of advertisements, it is now recommended to offer a free gift item (called promotional products) to your customers. Promotional products are far better than other types of advertising since the benefits are very effective, long lasting, and also far reaching. They are also exciting and personal. In today’s highly competitive market, the best method to use must be the highly effective one instead of the usual and most common ones.

Even though you will invest more, the benefits come in the form or inquiries, as well as many new sales. The staff at ensures that you get the most effective and suitable promotional product for your type of business. For example, you can order the small fold over card case with 1 or 2 clear pockets. Card cases are very useful to many people even to homemakers. Thus, they can be a very good promotional product. Please check  out this product here.

Jumbo Fold over Card Case with 2 Clear Pockets

March 23rd, 2010

Different cards such as business cards, credit cards, ATM cards, etc must also be kept safely in once place and easily accessible. This is why one of the most popular items is card cases. This item can keep all your cards in one place in your wallet or bags, at home, or in the office. Additionally, this case uses transparent plastic for convenience. Customers will definitely remember a company that distributed such a nice and useful promotional product, while customers who merely read about a company in a newspaper or magazine advertisement would have already forgotten what was read. This is why promotional products are now a more effective advertisement strategy.
At there are jumbo fold over card cases with two clear pockets that is ideal for this promotion. It is very important to save contact information of potential clients or even vendors that you use. This item would be a successful choice in promoting your business, so order it now!

Economy Full Size Promotional 2010 Executive Desk Planner

March 19th, 2010

Do you have a very hectic daily routine and trouble keeping track of all the many appointments or meetings? Well, businessmen and workers alike need to have a daily planner in order not to forget a single appointment or task they need to finish for the day. So, if you have a business, you can consider giving out to your employees or to your customers this economy full size promotional 2010 executive desk planner today.
Each recipient will be able to plan all year round with this amazing item. Your company will also be visible to them for the entire year while using your executive planner. In this way, whenever they need your product or services, they can consider calling you. At, you can be sure that the executive planner of your choice will suit your company requirements. So, order now and make your customers and employees happy with this item.

Custom Logo Promotional Personalized Brittany Stick Pen

March 10th, 2010

Pens are collectibles and also a very useful gift, souvenir, advertising or promotional giveaway. Most businesses, whether small or big, consider pens for their promotional product. Why? Most people need a pen at some point during the day, everyday, all year. In fact, people usually try to have a pen handy at all times. For this reason, pens are one of the most popular promotional items. Distributing pens with your company name ensures that your name will be exposed all the time. The Custom Logo Promotional Personalized Brittany Stick Pen at is one of the most widely used.  Think how many times you’ve loaned a pen or left a pen somewhere. The great aspect of promotional pens is that the advertising efforts are successful wherever the pen may travel to. It is very convenient for customers to have your name and information readily available when they need your services or products. You can find a selection of stick pens here, that will help you achieve the goal of promoting your business.

Executive Desk and Pocket Planners

January 29th, 2010

Under the Executive Desk and Pocket Planners, there are many choices. These items are great as promotional items especially for executives or top level management.

· For the pocket planners, you can get the Monthly 1 Color Pocket Planner Calendars, Monthly 2 Color Pocket Planner Calendars, Monthly Spanish Pocket Planners Calendars, and the Weekly 1 Color Pocket Planner Calendars.
· The Economy Full Size Promotional Executive Desk Planner is great instead of getting very expensive planners.  The imprint is usually white (as suggested) and has a black vinyl frame. The planner can also have the logo of the company. With the general margins and spaces on the dates, you can easily scribble important matters and occasions. This is great for financial consultants, brokers, and insurance agents.

Desk and pocket planners are must-haves for executives and other key personnel. You can use these items for special gifts and make sure that you have the company logo imprinted as well.