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Thanksgiving Office Gifts

November 11th, 2012

If “company spirit” is an objective that you strive for as a business owner, then here are a few Thanksgiving ideas for giving your employees a sense of pride in their workplace:

- Company Pens. Consider ordering a personalized set of Javalina Pens, Alabama Pens, Spruce Pens or Basset Pens.

- Ceramic or Glass Office Mugs. A mug for morning tea or coffee becomes a source of positive
attachment, which is the emotion that want to cultivate when encouraging inter-office teamwork and a dedication to reaching company performance objectives.

- Card Cases. Business cards are still an international-recognized representation of your affiliation with a company. Card cases are quite useful and personalized card cases are quite impressive.

For this Thanksgiving, let your employees know that you are thankful for their contributions and proud to have them as representatives of your company. Office gifts with your company logo can be useful for employees and may also help to promote your company’s visibility.

High Quality Promotional Pens Equals High Sales

April 8th, 2010

Choosing pens as your promotional products can deliver quality sales or fail your marketing strategy miserably. If you purchase high quality, durable, and elegant-looking pens then probably the result is great. Buying promotional pens is a very critical decision. Like all the other tools for your company, pens must be dependable, practical, economical, and also efficient. You should spend extra money if you are going for high quality pens. Promotional pens should display your company image entirely from the physical specifications to its ink. They must present an overall appearance that would ensure excellent image of your company.
Cheaper pens may not help you in producing attractive documents for your business because they use inferior inks which will fade, blot, or smear. If these cheaper pens only last for a week, then it will definitely portray a bad image of your company. When choosing the best pen, consider the details of the pen. Know their versatility and compare to other pens that cost more. Generally, high quality pens have inks that are richer in color and write with fluid elegance.
Consider buying promotional pens of the finest quality and within your company’s budget for your advertising. If you give inferior pens to people it will convey a negative impression of your company and in the future turn them away. The main objective of promotional products is to drive more business to your company and associating your company with low quality items will definitely have a very negative effect.
When choosing your promotional pen you must consider the pen style. There are lots of available varieties of pens. There are fine, heavy, medium, flat, thick, wide, and more pen styles. Basic pens like the ball point pens or the retractable pens are the most common style, while fountain pens and other high-style pens have different designs. Also consider the performance of the pen. You must choose a pen that suits your writing style.
There are budget pens that offer discounted multi packs of two to three colors of ink. The ink can be liquid, alcohol based, or gel. However, keep in mind that gel ink tends to smear when touched before it dries and runs if it gets wet. So, is this information affecting your decision? If so, consider having another ink option or pen type.
Lastly is the price of the pen. There are also budget pens that are high in quality. You just need to choose the best one. You can even ask for samples from different manufacturers to actually know which among them offer the best pen.
As you will notice, pens are in demand. Many people benefit from having a good pen. Students to professionals, use pens. In banks, schools, and other places, you are required to use a pen if you are going to write something. So, if you are looking for an excellent promotional item, pens are a great idea. Just choose the best, high quality pens for your customers and your company’s advertising goal will succeed.

Custom Logo Promotional Personalized Monticello Pen

March 12th, 2010

Need to write something on your sticky note or on a piece of paper? Usually people borrow pens from other people whenever they need to write something or when they are outside their home because they don’t have their own. The most common line in banks, schools and other common places is “May I borrow your pen?” So, businesses today, give pens as their promotional product, advertising giveaways, and event or party souvenirs. Beside its usefulness, pens are also an elegant way of carrying their company’s name, brand, or logo.  The staff at sees to it that you will make the most of your chosen type of pen, like their Custom Logo Promotional Personalized Monticello Pen, in order to convert customers into sales. This is such a very good investment for your business.
So, order now and make your business known to the public with this handy and elegant pen. You will be one step closer to success.

Custom Logo Promotional Personalized Acadia Pen 

March 9th, 2010

Pens are used by everyone, all the time, around the world, in all types of settings. In fact, a pen might just make its way around the world. Most people like to carry at least on pen on them at all times, in a purse or pocket. There are many types of pens including ballpoint, fountain, roller ball, and felt-tip pens. In the past, dip pens, quill pens, and reed pens were used. Today, in this modern age, pens are available in a variety of sizes, colors, designs, and assortments. The only thing that doesn’t changes is that pens are always needed. For this reason, countless businesses, across all industries, choose to give pens out generously in the effort to advertise through a promotional product. For example, most banks have pens, customized with the company logo or name, readily available for use in-house and to take with you. These pens get used and seen by people everywhere. Promotional pens, in a great variety of designs and colors, can be found at, such as the Custom Logo Promotional Personalized Acadia Pen. Order now and promote your business locally and around the globe.

Pens as Promotional Gift Items of your Business

February 1st, 2010

A lot of companies today love to give gift items such as unique designed pens with their company’s name, logo, brand, or message imprinted on it. It is because they are good in promoting their businesses. There are sure many available promotional pen designs today at, and they are all high in quality, durable, and affordable too. These pens can definitely be a great promotional and advertisement product of your business because they can carry well your company’s name, logo, or brand.
Of course, you may want to create a business that will make more money in the future. Well, many companies today have noted the effectiveness of giving out promotional items like pens to their loyal customers, employees, and even to potential customers to promote more their business. Flyers are such old methods. Even money incentives or gift checks are overshadowed by these promotional products when it comes to continuous and long lasting promotion of a business. More usable items like pens are “in” because whenever people use them, some other people can see the imprinted company name, logo, or brand of that company that gave the item.

Promotional Pens

January 26th, 2010

Pens are used everyday at work and if employers are quite practical, you can consider getting pens as promotional items. At, you can choose among the wide range of pen products that you can personalize by imprinting your company name and logo on the pen’s casing. Here are the bestsellers:

· Central Rubber Clip Pen is easy to hold and lightweight. The ballpoint is versatile and of good quality. It has a solid plunger, multicolored case, and rounded body. This is a favorite item of many employees.
· The Angel Deluxe Twister Pen is made in the US and is a classy pen with gold trim clips and smooth lines. It also has a smooth flowing ink and matte finish.
· Spruce Swirl Clip Pen is a new twist in the world of pens with its solid grip, lightweight, and matte finish design.

Since pens are a necessity in the office, it’s a great investment and promotional gift.