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Economy 20 Mil Medium 2010 Calendar Magnet

March 15th, 2010

You can see that almost all home refrigerators have magnets of different designs and shapes placed on the door. Favorite menus or frequently used phone numbers are posted on the fridge with a magnet for quick reference. Also, important events or scheduled appointments may be put here in order not to forget. Furthermore, even those bills that are due soon will reside on the refrigerator door.

So, it is a good idea for businesses to adopt promotional products, such as magnets, to ensure that their company is visible to their customers all the time. Promotional products at include the Economy 20 Mil Medium 2010 Calendar Magnet. This item displays your company name and/or logo very nicely above the actual calendar, while also providing the date information for easy viewing right on the fridge. In this way, your company’s name, brand, or logo is available whenever your customers need your product or service, they can easily find information like your contact number. Place your order now!