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Environment Friendly Promotional Items

April 5th, 2010

There are several choices available today for going environment friendly green while you still provide your customers with a durable, high quality, and useful promotional item for your type of business.
Many top concerns are that going green with your marketing is very beneficial to mother earth and to your company as well. Potential customers and buyers will also be impressed and love you due to your ecological awareness. Those companies that are associated with environmental friendliness must be able to prove that their promotional items are not harmful to the environment. There are many ways to go green while you are promoting your business.
First is not to waste materials. This means that you must not give out excess materials to anyone. If you give personalized calendars, for example, just send one to each individual or company and they will be the one to request more if so needed. Another example is when marketing to companies that are small. You can consider sending just a few caps or t-shirts for their employees but keep in mind not to go overboard with the number of promotional items that you are sending.
Next is recycling. If possible, try to purchase promotional items from manufacturers or distributors that use recycled materials. Paper products like calendars or planners are usually made from recycled materials. There are tote bags that can display your love for the environment that are also made from recycled materials. You can even buy metal or plastic items that are recyclable.
Many people would love to use a reusable or recyclable water bottle rather than to purchase throwaway bottles every day. Similarly, there is also a trend now of using grocery-cloth bags or tote bags instead of the plastic or paper grocery bags. Grocery tote bags, as well as eco-friendly sports and bike bottles are great items to give away to advertise and promote your business. This can show your awareness for the environment at the same time.
Another choice is consumable items such as pens. Pens are frequently used by everybody. There are also people who love to collect pens. So if you are going to give promotional items, you can consider giving out pens for your customers and target customers. It is even much better if items like this one are made from recycled materials or they can be refilled or recycled after use.
In general, try to spend more to buy high quality promotional items. Just think about this: you will purchase a cheaper promotional item that cracks or gets broken after several uses and ends up in the garbage with your brand name. After a few days, your company is also forgotten. It is very important that your promotional item represent the reliability and great reputation of your business. So be sure that you are purchasing high quality and durable promotional products that can last longer, can be recycled, or consumed longer. If possible, they must also be environment friendly so that consumers will really love them.