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Executive Desk and Pocket Planners

January 29th, 2010

Under the Executive Desk and Pocket Planners, there are many choices. These items are great as promotional items especially for executives or top level management.

· For the pocket planners, you can get the Monthly 1 Color Pocket Planner Calendars, Monthly 2 Color Pocket Planner Calendars, Monthly Spanish Pocket Planners Calendars, and the Weekly 1 Color Pocket Planner Calendars.
· The Economy Full Size Promotional Executive Desk Planner is great instead of getting very expensive planners.  The imprint is usually white (as suggested) and has a black vinyl frame. The planner can also have the logo of the company. With the general margins and spaces on the dates, you can easily scribble important matters and occasions. This is great for financial consultants, brokers, and insurance agents.

Desk and pocket planners are must-haves for executives and other key personnel. You can use these items for special gifts and make sure that you have the company logo imprinted as well.