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High Quality Promotional Pens Equals High Sales

April 8th, 2010

Choosing pens as your promotional products can deliver quality sales or fail your marketing strategy miserably. If you purchase high quality, durable, and elegant-looking pens then probably the result is great. Buying promotional pens is a very critical decision. Like all the other tools for your company, pens must be dependable, practical, economical, and also efficient. You should spend extra money if you are going for high quality pens. Promotional pens should display your company image entirely from the physical specifications to its ink. They must present an overall appearance that would ensure excellent image of your company.
Cheaper pens may not help you in producing attractive documents for your business because they use inferior inks which will fade, blot, or smear. If these cheaper pens only last for a week, then it will definitely portray a bad image of your company. When choosing the best pen, consider the details of the pen. Know their versatility and compare to other pens that cost more. Generally, high quality pens have inks that are richer in color and write with fluid elegance.
Consider buying promotional pens of the finest quality and within your company’s budget for your advertising. If you give inferior pens to people it will convey a negative impression of your company and in the future turn them away. The main objective of promotional products is to drive more business to your company and associating your company with low quality items will definitely have a very negative effect.
When choosing your promotional pen you must consider the pen style. There are lots of available varieties of pens. There are fine, heavy, medium, flat, thick, wide, and more pen styles. Basic pens like the ball point pens or the retractable pens are the most common style, while fountain pens and other high-style pens have different designs. Also consider the performance of the pen. You must choose a pen that suits your writing style.
There are budget pens that offer discounted multi packs of two to three colors of ink. The ink can be liquid, alcohol based, or gel. However, keep in mind that gel ink tends to smear when touched before it dries and runs if it gets wet. So, is this information affecting your decision? If so, consider having another ink option or pen type.
Lastly is the price of the pen. There are also budget pens that are high in quality. You just need to choose the best one. You can even ask for samples from different manufacturers to actually know which among them offer the best pen.
As you will notice, pens are in demand. Many people benefit from having a good pen. Students to professionals, use pens. In banks, schools, and other places, you are required to use a pen if you are going to write something. So, if you are looking for an excellent promotional item, pens are a great idea. Just choose the best, high quality pens for your customers and your company’s advertising goal will succeed.