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Travel Mug with the Look of Beer Mugs

May 17th, 2010

Are you one of those who are always on the rush when going to work and don’t really have the luxury to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee? Well, with the innovative mugs developed which are made from first-class materials, you can now enjoy an aromatic and tasteful coffee on the go. With the amazing travel mug, you can now prepare your coffee and bring it along with you. Even if you are driving your car on your way to work, this kind of mug will be the perfect one to use.
There are a variety of travel mugs available which differ in size and the materials from which they are made. You can find mugs that can contain 14 oz of liquid or, if you want more, you can find a 21 oz mug. It is made from materials that can resist hot or cold drinks. Stainless steel is the most common, but you can also find travel mugs made from a special type of plastic with different variations and designs. The look of travel mugs were adopted from beer mugs, but the difference is that it has a tight cover so that the liquid will not spill onto your suit or dress.
Unlike the beer mugs, travel mugs are not made from glass or ceramics, which can easily be broken and not really good materials to use, especially when it is going to be used when traveling. The materials used make it perfect to bring along with you because of its light weight. Since stainless steel and plastics are known as rust free materials you won’t have to worry about it when you purchase a travel mug. The unique and stylish design of the mug is perfect wherever you are. You can bring it with you during seminars, meetings and even to your office. You can even use it during your lunch break or snack time in case you don’t want to use the cafeteria’s drinking glasses or cups.
Travel mugs are convenient to use; it is also ideal especially during summer since you can pour cold water into it to keep yourself always cool even when you are exposed to the burning heat of the sun. With the available 32 oz travel mug, you will surely have enough water for you to feel refreshed even when you are in a place with no water readily available. Since it can be used both for hot and cold liquids, you can pour into it your favorite drink which you can then drink anytime and anywhere you go.
Similar to beer mugs, the travel mugs can also be purchased with your own design which can also make it a perfect gift to your special someone. Personalize your travel mug with your favorite number or use the logo of your company. With the various colors of which you can take advantage, it will surely be a perfect gift that you can give. If you’d like to purchase this kind of mug you can always place an order online. Choose from the available designs or create your own one-of-a-kind design.